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Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6 Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6 Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6 Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6 Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6 Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6 Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6

Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6

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Description & Details

Peak Supps Resistance Bands - Pack of 6 Description

What are Resistance Bands?

Peak Supps Resistance Bands are made of the highest quality latex available, tested thoroughly and able to sustain a safe stretch of up to 200% of their original length. Our pack of 6 contains 2 different sets, our 25cm set and our Pastel 30cm set.

Our resistance bands are lightweight and durable, making them a great addition to your kitbag. These bands come in 6 different colours and 3 different resistances.

GreenBand Light Resistance
GreyBand Moderate Resistance
Black Band Heaviest Resistance
BlueBand - Light Resistance
PinkBand Moderate Resistance
PurpleBand Heaviest Resistance

Peak Supps glute bands support a range of training such as:

  • Glute activation The ultimate booty band.
  • Stretching and flexibility.
  • Rehabilitation and mobility.
  • Extensive range of glute workouts.
  • Great accessory to train all muscle groups.
  • Lightweight & portable - Great for home / outdoor workouts.
  • For free band workout ideas follow us on Instagram @peaksupps.

Mini resistance bands can be incorporated into workouts such as:

  • Squats, glute bridges (Place the band above the knees).
  • Glute kickbacks, Crab walks (Place just above the knee or ankle).
  • Hip thrust (Place the band above knee).

Band Dimensions

25cm x 5cm GreenBand- 0.5mm Thick (Light resistance)
25cm x 5cmGreyBand- 0.9mm Thick (Moderate resistance)
25cm x 5cm Black Band - 1.2mm Thick (Heaviest resistance)

30cm x 5cmBlueBand- 0.5mm Thick (Light resistance)
30cm x 5cmPinkBand- 0.9mm Thick (Moderate resistance)
30cm x 5cmPurpleBand- 1.2mm Thick (Heaviest resistance)

*Caution: Bands safe stretch up to 200% of original size (Approx 50cm max stretch)*

*Although our Resistance Bands are sourced from a Global leading manufacturer to ensure the highest quality. We recommend that you always inspect your resistance bands carefully before use for any tears, wear or damage. Our resistance bands (like any rubber band) are likely to wear and tear over time. Do not use damaged or worn resistance bands and do not use them for something they are not intended for*

*The bands colour may vary slightly between batches.


Brand: Peak Supps
Codes: 5056383908155 (EAN)